Exponential Height Fog does not work on Mobile Preview/Mobile with "Scalable 3d or 2d" config


I find “Exponential Height Fog” is not working for mobile if I config the project with “Mobile / Tablet” and “Scalable 3D or 2D”.

Here I create a new project with “First Person” template as an example:

  1. create project with target as “mobile/tablet”, and graphical level as “Scalable 3d or 2d”
  2. remove atmospheric fog, add exponential height fog
  3. set fog density to 1.0
  4. play it with “Mobile preview” or launch it with on Android phone (mine is Nexus 5)

Please check the attachment:

  • there’s no exponential height fog in Mobile_preview.png, it’s also true on Android phone

  • For PC preview (pc_preview.png), everything is ok.