exploding cloth

hello can anyone help me better understand what I’m doing wrong with my cloth physics? I’m clothing a character for cinematics running in sequencer.

I’ve clothed the skeletal mesh and set up collisions so all works well in the editor. not too many capsules and all sits as it should after painting the cloth. the problem is when I then simulate in the level there is an initial ‘force’ which destroys the clothes. exploding pants all over the place. not quite what I was going for.

it’s like a short burst right at the top of the simulation. like a small destructive charge for the first second. after which everything is fine but by then the clothes are all over the show.

I feel sure there’s a simple thing I’m doing wrong. some mysterious box I’m not ticking but I can’t find it. please help! I’m new to this of course but want to learn.

: ) help

Unreal has it’s own clothing physics, you can’t import your 3d model softwares clothing physics first off.

secondly, make sure you didn’t add anything to the mesh or skeleton.

finally, clothes don’t use a skeleton if that’s what you are using.

Watch a video on unreal engine clothes simulation and you’ll see how you have to do clothes. When you import clothes they have to be static meshes.

thank you for taking the time. yes have indeed watched many tutorials but they all seem to indicate that cloth works with skeletal meshes not static meshes so I’m a bit confused. to clarify:

I’m taking a skeletal mesh from Marvelous Designer and applying UE’s cloth. on import into UE I’m prompted to select a skeleton so am selecting the metahuman base skeleton. is that where I’m going wrong? is there an extra step where I then remove the metahuman skeleton prior to painting the cloth?

again thank you for your help

can anyone help me with this? struggling here and could use some advice

The video isn’t loading. So it’s hard to picture what’s happening.
Clothing does need to be skeletal mesh for it to have cloth physics. (Static meshes are “static”.)
Clothing skeleton should be the same as character’s skeleton (or employ retargeting).

Marvelous probably isn’t exporting a Metahuman skeleton so that may be the issue.

I think I may be muddling the issue. there’s no problem with the mesh and cloth looks great in simulation. the problem is the moment I render the cloth explodes.

I’ve tried setting post processing motion blur to 1 as some people advised
tried turning off anti aliasing in the render queue
tried a wide range of iteration and subdivision settings in the cloth sim

no dice. looks great in clothes rig. fine when simulation is played. soon as I render… boom

did you ever resolve the exploding clothing… I’m having that issue as soon as I hit play in UE5

did u find the solution for this one?.. i am also kind off struggling to this … my simultion is jerking like this… don’t know why…any help?

i get the answer to my problem… actually the physics assets volume is large … so by decreasing its size the flickering of simulation stops…Hope it will solve someone problem!!!