exploding bombs in the order that they are placed

Hi guys so yet again i have a problem my feeble mind cant fix alone .My game concept is coming together but i would like a little more control.
so far the player has the ability to plant bombs and have them all explode .However i would like to be able to plant them and have them explode in a sequence
for example in the order in which they were placed . since i am using duplicates of the same bomb_bp i cant figure out how to go about this .any help is greatly appreciated guys

Event dispatchers. When you create bomb give it integer index (and remember that index inside bomb blueprint). Then you fire dispatcher event, all bombs get notified and they compare index from event to locally stored index, if its same number then kaboom.

Uhm, shouldn’t that be automatically the case? Give your Bomb_BP a variable “timer” (float, default value X) and decrease it in Bomp_BP’s Tick Event with Delta (Timer -= Delta)
After decreasing, check if the timer is <= 0 and fire off your explosion event.

Every Bomb you place will have X seconds until it explodes.

Edit: The solution that I posted was very bad for a newbie. Sorry for that, just ignore this post. :slight_smile:

Yikes! What ever happened to the KISS rule. Don’t scare easily but this is a bit overkill.
Wherever the game logic is (Bomb Spawns etc), lets say its in Gamemode or whatever…
Create an Actor variable called MyArray tick side option in Details pane to set as Array.

After you Spawn->Bomb1 use MyArray.Add Bomb1, Spawn->Bomb2MyArray.Add Bomb2 etc…
Then to access in order use a ForEach loop or MyArray.Get(0).Explode. MyArray.Get(1).Explode etc…

I love your overreaction. I wanted to just exercise the event dispatcher suggestion that Nawrot suggested and posted the screenshots in case no one answer to his question. :slight_smile:

Sure, but this is your customer… Why not challenge yourself to make it extra simple…
Looped gates / Event-Dispatchers / So many crossed wires, who wants to debug that… :stuck_out_tongue:

On a wider note Epic over-engineered Event-Dispatchers / Casting etc in my humble opinion.
Both draw too much on C++ losing the simplicity / power that Kismet-Visual-Programming had.

You are absolutely right mate (no sarcasm intended). :wink: I already regret that I posted my solution, you are right that its just too much but I didnt thought a lot about simplicity, I wanted to just test the event dispatcher logic. :slight_smile: