Explicit Identifier and Development Questions

I am using Explicit Identifier for my development build to test iAP/iAds. Unfortunately I can’t reuse the identifier for shipping. This causes a lot of problems because I had leaderboards, achievements and app store setup on iTunes Connect using the identifier I used for development.

How do you guys approach this? Do you create another app on iTunes Connect to use a new identifier and re-setup leaderboards, achievements and app store just for distribution? I feel like I am doing something wrong here. Any tips would be awesome, thank you for your time!

Create on the Apple Developer site :
2 certs : one development and one production ( distribution )
1 appID : explicit

Create a production ( distribution ) provisioning profile using the production cert and the appID
Create a development provisioning profile using the dev cert and the appID

Add both lots of provisions and certs etc. into the editor and when selecting between development and shipping in project settings it will automatically pick the correct cert

old post I know but if it helps anyone :slight_smile:


Any help is better than no help :smiley: Thank you!

It works after I move my project to Mac, a distribution and development profile with the same explicit ID on Windows will messed up the selection somehow.