Explain to me: Get Actor Bounds

Ok, so what I want to do is have a box that, when it overlaps any actor that is tagged ‘Pillar’, it will make the pillar actor sink into the ground up to a certain height from the top of the mesh.

There is a fancy border that is exactly 20 units tall on the top of anything tagged ‘Pillar’, but objects that are tagged pillar might be different heights.

I have already been able to figure out how to tag a blueprint, but I want to be able to find the world coordinates of the top of a mesh, subtract 20 (for the fancy border that should stay above ground), and have that new coordinate sink down to the location of where the pillar’s root node was(in world location).

I think that the VInterp To would be used for the movement of the pillar, and I think Get Actor Bounds would be used to find the top of the mesh, except for the fact that Get Actor Bounds does not seem to define where it thinks ‘Box Extent’ is (one of the outputs of Get Actor Bounds).

I want to use Get Actor Bounds or something like it so that I can have pillars of many different heights and still have this operation work on all of them. Please, if anyone has any idea of how to get this to work, I’d love the help.

You can add a sockets to all your pillar meshes, to define ‘fancy border’ height. And ask for socket position in BPs. So if mesh has a predefined socket, then it can sink.

Awesome! Thank you for that great idea! I’ve been able to build the necessary BP for a test version, but I’ve run into a snag. The Mesh sinks below where the socket is, and I don’t understand why. Here are some screenshots of everything:
Here is the BP:

Here is where I have the socket on the Mesh:

Here is where the mesh sits on the floor (I made sure the mesh isn’t sticking into the ground any, it is sitting right on top):

And here you can clearly see that the mesh has sunk way too far into the ground compared to where I put the socket:

If you can help me figure out why it is sinking too far down, I would be really greatful because, as far as I can tell (though I dont to math much), my BP shouldn’t be making it go down so far.

You could try moving your socket down a little lower.

Are the get position functions returning coordinates with different offsets? For instance is the xyz for the gate based off of where it is in the world whereas the socket is based off of where it is on the gate? Is the floor you’re placing the gate on actually at z=0?

@pattym yea, theoretically I could do that, but that would mean that I would have to tweak each mesh that I did this with, and I really don’t want to have to spend the time identifying the correct location to place each socket when I can be using that time for something else

@bokuden the get position functions are returning world position coordinates (at least that is what they say when I hover over them). So, theoretically, that means it doesn’t matter where the floor is in the world, so long as the mesh sinks the correct amount from its world location.