Expert Software Developer Wants to Join AAA Team

I currently work full time as the senior software engineer for the leading cost avoidance analysis SaaS for solar project developers, and I’m bored out of my mind. We use Durandal, Breeze, TypeScript, and a dozen other libraries that comprise the SPA which is over 80% of our SaaS platform. ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI in c# in azure. I come from a c++ background.

I started my career in the game business in 1995. I worked on all types of development projects for 20+ years including developing technology and software for over 30 startups, fortune 100, and small to medium enterprise.

I have worked in many game engines over the years, with Torque 3D and Unity being the most recent. I’m new to UE4. After a careful technology review last year, I’ve decided that UE4 is where I belong.

I’m interested in joining a team as a paid member, simply to support my monthly expenses, until our game makes it big (;-)), I wound not be asking for my typical six figure salary + benefits, just enough to get by as I provide my expertise in software development and grow into a UE expert over time. I’d be working with the team full time, 40+ hours per week, and end my current employment, as I want to dedicate the next 10 years building games in UE.

I’m looking to join a AAA quality team. I’ve done my time helping dozens of startups and beginners and I’m ready to join the big-leagues.

Thank you for your time,


My Resume provides a small sample of the projects that I have worked on over the years.

hi have you worked on any in depth UE 4 stuff? Need much more info. High flying rodgers, as mentioned in your cv is not a AAA game.

Whats your aspired specialty?