Expert ADVICE - AMD or NVIDIA for games development?

I am a games developer and I am really confused which brand to choose like Should I go for AMD or NVIDIA? this video it’s recommended to use NVIDIA.
I will be developing for PS4 and XBOX One and PC too.
What you guys think?
Thank you
Inder S Ganda

Hi Inder,

I am not a expert or a programmer but i saw it last week , Core stream OpenCL vs core CUDA etc…
I hope its will help you a bit.

Well, I’m using a Nvidia and I recommend it. With a Nvidia you get access to all Nvidia technologies (work only on Nvidias) and most amd technologies (source is open). However, consoles use amd’s.

And which NVIDIA GPU do you recommend?

Take a look at the specs in this thread: [Official] Hardware Performance Survey - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums There you can find many Nvidia Cards + how well it runs with the UE4

I personally use the nvidia gtx 660 ti which is cheap + powerful :slight_smile:

Wait for new nvidia gpu, if you can. Current one is big leap forward ie. GF980, but its worth waiting for next one it most probably will be perfected 980 in higher density process, so even less heat and probably faster clock. Or if you can afford get nvidia titan, or even better next titan card around september 2015. Games are going towards massive physics simulation, playing with physics is fun, so it would be nice to have some very good physics card, which titan is.

I would go AMD FX 8-Core for processor and Nvidia Graphics Card, something like GeForce GTX 660 upwards

Personally, I’ve used NVIDIA for a LONG time, but I just recently switched out my GTX 660ti for an AMD 290x (Tri-Force OC).

It really is like night and day. I don’t know, I just enjoy the 290x a lot more (and I mean, it is advertised as a better card power-wise, so I would hope it performs better).

When I got the 290x, I also had a 780ti alongside it. I figured I’d try them both out. Other than the fact that my 780ti couldn’t handle UE4 for the life of it (I’d say it was a faulty card, but my second 780ti failed just as much…artifacts everywhere!), the 290x just ran better generally.
That’s not to say the 780ti was bad. When it worked it was great, but things bugged me about it.
Mainly, I couldn’t overclock it at all, the card only had 3 GBs of VRAM, and I felt really restricted using it because of these features.
The 290x ,on the other hand, has 4 GBs of VRAM and great overclocking capabilities (as well as low power consumption).
Sure you don’t get NVIDIA PhysX or anything, but honestly its not that big of a deal since you can still use enable physics in UE4.

If you want my opinion, go with AMD. It’s not the usually choice, but you’ll be very happy with it. Plus, if you’re like me and want for games played/made in the best way possible the card is unmatched (and it’s inexpensive).

Just a side note. I feel as though sticking with a card like the 660ti/270 is good, but you can’t stick with it for too long. Once your game starts to grow the card will struggle to keep up. When I got the 290x, the 660ti went into my spare PC. I advise you to do the same IF you are looking to make a large game all by yourself.

Just two things to keep in mind:

  1. Use a benchmarking tool, such as 3D Mark, but don’t go overboard. The best way to test the card is to use it. Get into UE4 with it, and try out some demanding games.

  2. Unfortunately, the clip to hold by GPU in place on my motherboard snapped because I was constantly switching from a 290x to a 780ti and back. BE CAREFUL! Try to switch the cards in and out too much.
    Then again, it all depends on the motherboard… I’m using a Gigabyte UD5-H.

  3. If anything you can always wait it out until you the new wave of GPUs come out, but personally I’d take the 290x now… if you wait for the next wave… you’ll be waiting forever (alright, I lied it was three things to keep in mind).

Feel free to ask any questions.

~ Jason

Historically I’ve always been on the side of Nvidia as driver support has generally been pretty stable.

Nvidia is also support if you go with the Gamers Development kit from Nvidia

Remember, it depends on the price, at bit more than 300$, the GTX970 has absolutely no rival. On the 200+$, ATI has some kickass cards, as they made them cheaper to compete better. At 150 you have the nvidia 750ti wich is awesome for the price. For me, i had a GTX550ti, then a R9 280x, then a 970. The 970 is the best by far. the r9 280x was fine but it was a very hot card and noisy. the 970 is way cooler and has the fancy nvidia tech like physx and cuda wich is cool.

nvidia’s proprietary works are not integrated into ue4 as gfx enabled, meaning an nvidia and amd card theoretically is no different for UE4, obviously cards vary. But nvidia’s proprietary works runs cpu bound in ue4 and not on the gpu regardless if you have nvidia.

so it doesn’t matter what company.

Well, I suppose you could have messed something up with it. Maybe too little power for everything together? I’m using a 780ti and it is just plainly awesome. UE4 performance is usually at 120 fps, I didn’t ever get any lag, anywhere, in any game, on any settings. I also didn’t experience any artifacts. Also, I’ve got a Gigabyte one, so it’s the most overclocked of all.

Yeah, there’s no reason the 780ti wouldn’t work, I’ve got a 660 and it works fine with UE4

Yeah I don’t know.
It may have been sitting right, but the 290x is about twice its size… and that runs fine.
Who knows I may have just gotten two bad cards.

Still, I wouldn’t give up the 4 GBs of ram and Core Clock for the world.
Of course, as always with AMD the driver support is about as bad as could by, but I digress.

~ Jason

I would just try both cards and return the one you don’t want.
Buy the cards from Amazon since you can return them easily.

~ Jason

I’ve had ATI since the early 90’s I’ve never had a single problem with driver support. I hear this all the time that ATI/Now AMD has/had bad driver support…Can you provide an example of ‘bad driver support’. Like I’ve never had a problem with crossfire or single cards.

This idea that amd has bad driver support has been mostly been spread by nvidia fan boys on the internet from what i’ve seen, and Most issues are PEBKAC. I guess I just really wish people would actually state the issue instead of just saying that amd drivers sucks or that they have bad driver support and then just state that they are switching to nvidia.

However the only problem i’ve ever had with drivers and it was with nivida, i installed a driver last year something like 320.xx, rebooted, bosd and it killed the gpu, nvidia was nice and exchanged the card though.

Hold on this was my fault.
Let me try and rectify what I said.

I know what you’re saying. It was spread by fanboys.

What I mean by “bad driver” support is just the lack of drivers. Not that they are buggy or anything of the sort. They really only put out drivers every few months unlike NVIDIA who brings a new driver out on every new release.

I didn’t in anyway want to hate on AMD, because their drivers are fine (except for the ones released this April…those ones caused me to Blue Screen like nobody’s business), but their driver releases are far and few between.

Of course I can’t speak for everyone who says “AMD drivers are horrible.” I can only speak for my way of seeing

As a side note: Its nice to see another AMD user on here since most people seem to be using NVIDIA cards. Here I thought I was alone!

Trust me I wouldn’t go back to NVIDIA for the life of me. That 780ti fiasco was the last straw with them. Plus…Mantle still has a lot of potential.

All this driver talk just reminded me of another reason to go with AMD:

The driver were just recently released and yes there is a difference in quality.

With that said, I would like to know your system specs Inder.
Its good to pick a GPU that communicate well with the rest of the system.

I hope that cleared things up,

~ Jason

The problem with the AMD drivers is that the hardware isn’t as fast as it could be because of the drivers, though there’s been times where they’ve been able to improve performance noticeably with a driver update.

AMD GPU’s are actually pretty good, though I’d still go with Nvidia, on the CPU side though AMD hardly even competes with Intel

Last ten years i always buy nvidia, last year AMD and very happy. ¿problems? no. That’s something old or in specific cases

Performance at best price = AMD (r9-290) i buy this graphics card for that.
Performance at any price = NVIDIA 980 , at least until AMD not counterattack the 900 series.

that simple, that all.

PS4 and Xbox using AMD GPUs if remember right.

you say it, its propietary and only few commercial AAA games support that NVIDIA acceleration technologies. In UE4 not matter. No support. You not going to take advantage of that