Experimental water (4.26) disappearing after getting into sculpt mode


Our team has been using Experimental UE4.26 water for two months now, and suddenly it disappears from our projects. It just happens to me and another member of the team, but there is another member who displays it correctly. It started at some point that we can’t identify, since it disappears just after getting into landscape mode (and disappears forever), so we can’t go back to another version of the project.

The water actors are there and you can even see a part of the water lake plane, but the rest just disappeared. Anyone knows why could it be?

I found the issue. Updating to 4.26.2 and adding a new lake/river/etc. restored the old ones.

From what’s been reported in the forums this is usually caused by someone messing with the map and adding a landscape component that causes the landscape to no longer a perfect square…