Experienced VR Game Developer looking for freelance work

I’m a game developer with more than seven years of industry experience. In my career, I’ve worked in teams ranging between small indies to Europe’s largest VR-only game studio. I participated in the development of two released VR titles. I’ve also worked on another VR game, currently unannounced. I developed multiple VR prototypes to test ideas and game concepts.

I have experience working with all major VR platform. I can help you add VR support to your game, as well as improve the overall experience for players. Through my know-how, I can create a VR experience for your game that’s comfortable and exciting. I can also assist with getting your game through the TRC.

You can find my portfolio, which includes a few non-VR projects, at Send me an email at [EMAIL=“”] and we’ll get started.

Some of the commercial VR projects I’ve worked on:

While working on TERM1NAL, I was responsible for the implementation of multiple gameplay features and overall optimization. I closely monitored performance as development went on and I systematically profiled and optimized the game. The result is a unique experience that benefitted from the cooperation between programmers, artists, and designers at Force Field.

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When I joined this project, the VR performance left much to be desired. The average framerate was about two thirds below expectations, and devices running the game overheated within minutes. I got the game to run at the target framerate within a week, and delayed overheating by 20-30 minutes. These improvements contributed to our ability to pass the Oculus technical requirements.

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