experienced UE4 Dev / VR / Berlin / is looking for an experienced Unreal developer! Our mission is to bring real places into VR – with stunning photo-realism & freely explorable. We let everybody travel to amazing places that were out of reach before before!

You are fluent in C++, know UE4 inside out and are not afraid to rip its guts open to fix things that don’t live up to your standards? You iterate fast, know how to build a robust scalable product and love to deploy it continuously? Perforce & Git are at your command and whatever can be automated will be automated? You love a good challenge, are passionate about your work and have a strong vision of what you are building? You are not afraid to wear many hats, take on responsibility and get your hands dirty? ****, sounds good, we should talk!


  • 3+ years Unreal Engine experience
  • Fluent in C++ & Blueprint (Kismet)
  • Strong background in 3D graphics
  • Experience with Perforce & Git

You can earn additional bonus points with:

  • Experience with VR development
  • Experience with Steam & Multiplayer Integration
  • Experience with photogrammetry
  • Experience leading development teams
  • Experience as technical artist
  • 3D modelling skills

So, what’s in for you? We are a young & fast moving international start up, working on one of the 10 most downloaded VR experiences on Steam – be one of our first employees and take on a leading role, getting paid a competitive salary & in equity! Live & work in Berlin, one of the most vibrant cities on the planet. Realities is about an open and coequal atmosphere. We deeply care about what we are building and we are looking for people that share that excitement!

If we didn’t scare you away by now, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us, send us your portfolio, your CV and whatever else you think is a **** good reason to get you on board!