Experienced Team making Cinematic for kickstarter

I’m not using the template provided because this project is under wraps till we are ready to unveil it. If you want to know more about the project contact me contact info is below. We are a very organized team with meetings weekly, Scrum meetings will be starting for the programmers. Bi weekly or more meetings for the designers and artists as needed. I myself am a Sr.Producer in the movie and tv industry and have worked in the game industry right out of college many years ago. We know what it takes to make a game.

We are a group of like minded people looking for others. Personally I am a very good 3d artists capable of making models that rival the best in the world for movies. The demo cinematic we are currently making we are looking for animators, programmers, and if possible 3d artists that are willing to learn how to take their models to the next level. We are willing to teach if need be for the right candidates.

My 3d skills can be seen in the attached pictures, this is the main character for the cinematic, he is nearly complete, I haven’t finish up his body yet, but that won’t take long. I am in the works of two other models that are just as complex as this one and more complex too.

As for team needs we are looking for 2 animators, familiar with human anatomy and reversed leg creatures as well. A special effects artist capable of writing their own shaders not 100%. necessary to write their own shaders as I can do them too but time allotted. So an additional programmer that can do the fx would be even better. You can contact me on Skype @ Entium (email and skype email is [EMAIL=“”]

This is serious project we expect to go live with the cinematic by mid next year. Where by you will get a % of the company and will become a full time job as well. I’m in the movie industry at a pretty high level, and this project is for us to grow as a team and make something that will give us something in the future that we can be proud of. This is a serious group, I can only talk for myself, I did go to GDC2005 with a full functional FPS demo on Cry Engine, so you know this is not for ***** a giggles.

Oh forgot to add lol, This cinematic is the intro to a game we are making. That is what the Kick starter is for. Also I know there has been a lot of negativity from people when asking for them to join groups like ours. We don’t quit, if people come and go no big deal, I’m capable of doing all the programming, artwork, animation, sound effects, by myself, I know this product will come out.

You can also contact me via Discord @ Entium#6665


We are now only looking for a 3d rigger/animator, rigging is more important to us.

All other Devs are welcome to contact me on Discord if they are interested in this project though

Discord ID is Entium#6665

We are still looking for a person familiar with level design, all other positions are full. Possible with blueprint experience.

WIP on another model I’m working on