Experienced Studio offering services in: Art Production, Development, Audio and Quality Assurance

We are a company that is devoted in making the best content for video games, specialized in using Unreal engine 4. If you are in need of help in making your next project the best possible product, then get in touch with us to arrange the first steps of our future collaboration. We have a large background of various products behind us for which we worked for (for some content, for some development, and for some full production), including:

  • Aquanox Deep Descent (full production of game)
  • InMomentum (full production of game)
  • MXvsATV (art production)
  • MotoGP 2013, 2014 and 2015 (art production)
  • Ride (art production)
  • MX GP (art production)
  • Spellforce 2 Expansions (cinematic and level production)
  • Wreckfest (art production)
  • Art Production for various mobile and VR products
  • Prototyping on Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4

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Our services with some more detailed breakdown:

  • Art Production, including 3D modeling, 2D art for illustrations or UI, Concept Art and texturing. Our art team make your vision come true, from stylized polygonal styles to photo realistic PBR (Substance Painter, Substance Designer).
  • Technical Art for Engine implementation in UE4, including shaders/materials, scale setup and testing, content optimization, post processing and particles. Good art looks good. With good technical art it will look great!
  • Level Creation (blockout, lighting, decoration, scripting). A good level shouldn’t just look good, it should play good and provide the perfect moment-to-moment experience to the player.
  • Development of your next product (C++ & BP for PC, Console, Mobile and VR). We can develop your prototype, co-develop with your team or take charge of the entire development progress. Just let us know what your idea is, and let the technical challenges to us.
  • QA directly in your project. Our integrated QA processes using our sophisticated tools to bring your QA to the next level, including building test cases with your developers directly in your project. The all-in-one solution to making sure you ship the best product possible.
  • Audio Development including Music and SFX, including Audio implementation with the Engine. Our audio team has extensive experience with UE4s internal Audio systems, as well as FMod and Wwise, making sure that your game sounds just as good as it looks.

We are available for new work and looking forward to hearing from you!

For the inquiry, please send us an email to:


Some additional examples of our work:

We are available for new work!

For the inquiry, please send us an email to: