Experienced Programmer


I am a experienced programmer looking for a remote job. I will prefer long term but at least by a few months will be good.

Deep knowledge in many domains and languages: Assembly, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL, Direct3D, TCP/UDP, Procedural Generation, Ray/Path Tracing, Stereoscopic Rendering, Embeded (Raspberry/Arduino) and more. I can build 3D engines from scratch or use commercial engines like Unreal.

Please visit my personal website for a few examples:

Here is my email:

Thank you.

There is no way to contact you. No option to PM you and there is no email. When I typed your skype name, a lot of options came up, which one are you?

Hi modeola, I added an image with my email in the original post. I look forward to your contact. Thanks!

not seeing any work from UE4 or from the past 3-4 years… Could you tell us a bit about what you have been up to lately?

I was under a single remote, “freelance” contract for the last 5 years, helping to develop a new VR technology. That is a system with many sub-systems, including a custom in-house VR engine (which I programmed a great part of the low-level code). My contract ends this month, when I’ll only provide support for a small fraction of the day and wait until my given shares gain value. Being a very proprietary technology, of course I can’t talk much about that.

While this post is over here, I think I’ll start bringing my new planetary engine Etherea2 to Unreal4 – The first iteration, Etherea1, I ported only to Unity4 a few years ago. That way, I will have something from myself that I can publish in the open.

Here is a video from Etherea1 – the first, old C++ version in 64kb: