Experienced programmer looking for some work !

C ++ blueprints everything just hire me finish your game sell it get rich : D !

Hi, I’m part of a team that is currently looking for more programmers.
Your work is impressive, please consider joining us through here:

We’ll answer all your questions and you can leave anytime.

Thanks ahead : D

Alright you pay me a bit I make a lot : D

Join the group, We’ll explain how it works there. Thanks

Yo I joined in…

Still looking for work! Anyone interested?

Hey there,

we are also looking for a C++ programmer, familiar with Unreal and has experience with multiplayer games. For more info, follow the link:


Good luck and stay safe!

hello I am looking for a programmer to join our team, please contact me via email. this could be a long term job.

Copy that reply. Don’t expect a pile of letters I am brief as an animal.

Hey, our team is looking for somebody like you, if you’re intersted, please contact me on Discord: Bellini Virgil#2759

alright ! adding you…

hello, im looking for something i need programmed, its paid of. its a first person character controller but i want it to be realistic and similar to the one from P.T.
add my discord if ur available: chlb00#9194

here the work in progress thread to what im working on if u want to see.

wooohoo money! :rolleyes: im able to work! not very busy at the moment

Hello. Are you able to build a crossplatform server for Quest 2 and PC? PM me if you’re interested

If you are willing to work for royalty fees contact me by email at drimbednp@gmail.com. Is a complex city building game