Experienced programmer. Complex mechanics, fast prototyping, VR implementation.

Hey guys. I’m available for any contracts.

I specialize in complex mechanics and puzzling math. Work will be done very quickly (which also means a low cost for you). You formulate the problem, I create a solution in a few days. Blueprint is preferable.

Check out my recent work at the signature. Also conjugation with MCU devices is possible (was engaged for 8 years before UE4).




Quick question: How experienced with multiplayer are you?

Let’s say I did my homework) Chat, spawning, all basic stuff.

Ok, PMing you with further questions.

I sent you an email

Up for quick tasks.


Available for any project at the moment.

Last year was very productive, I’ve added some new skills in my list. From now on you can rely on me when it comes to multiplayer, AI, animation, 2D mobile games. In addition to other general stuff like locomotion, shooting, crafting, building, procedural environment, widgets, etc…

Rates are still the same for the quick and reliable implementation.

Contact me via [EMAIL=“”]email or Discord: twofaced#1180


hello friend you know how to make ZOOM DE SNIPER

Not sure what you mean, there are a bunch of tutorials on AnswerHub how to make scopes and zoom an area.

Sorry about that @Two-faced, that user was spamming threads in this section with that same question. I have removed that post. If you wan’t to clean this up feel free to delete your post, I’ll keep an eye on this thread and if I see you deleted yours I’ll delete this one too.


After several inquiries I have updated my portfolio. You can find it here.

Available again!

Hello friend … is still available … if you have discord or skype please give me to get in touch

Yay! Available again!