Experienced Programmer C++ / Blueprint LFW

Hello. My name is Craig Delancy. I am a professional UE4 dev with years of experience, so please take a look at my LinkedIn.

I’ve worked in games, industrial simulation, architecture, and VR. I have lots of experience with C++ and Blueprints, understanding the strong points of each. I am also experienced in the various art asset pipelines.

You might already be familiar with some of my marketplace products. Content by Black Fang Technologies - UE Marketplace

I’m available for paid work, and I can send more information upon request.

Thank you.

Hi, do you have any experience in IOS packaging ?

Yes. Several projects I did at IVRNation were done for IOS.

hi friend … he’s still available as a programmer i’m looking for

Yes, I am still available. Please write to me using [EMAIL=“”] to discuss.

Still available. Please email [EMAIL=“”] for more information. Thank you!