Experienced Narrative Director and Story Writer offering services


I write for games, simply put. Whether you need help with direction, dialogue, over-arching theme and story, a script, or anything else, I can do it all.

It’s crucial to engage players through meaningful conflict and natural dialogue that brings the characters to life. Having strong character arcs, believable villains and natural dialogue elevate your game above the noise of the competition. If you’re passionate about the success of your project, don’t chance it to anyone without the experience.

**Skillset: Writing

  • B.A. in Creative Writing, with a Fantasy book series on its way
  • Game writing for 3 years
  • Professional editing for 5 years
  • Professional content writing for 5 years**

I write Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery and more. I have plenty of experience with branching options and narratives as well, especially from writing the game I fell from Grace (feel free to look up reviews and read about the story).

See a few creative samples of mine at and feel free to contact me there or email me at I’ll try to check DMs and this post as well but email is a guaranteed way to reach me.

Hello, I’m looking for someone who could help me with developmental editing - too many projects and practically no time to do it myself. Occasionally, the narratives should be checked for correct timing and pacing, also: focalization and perspective (I usually edit the narrative and comment on the focalization or write down the remarks at the end, so that the author could rewrite the part later).
Focalization | the living handbook of narratology | Essays on Fiction and Perspective | What does an essay have in method?
I’ll email you the details and the pdf by Gérard Genette which I’m using as the guide for focalization.