Experienced Level Designer LFW

Hello, my name is Dana Willoughby and I am looking for work in the community, while in between jobs. My professional experience was in 2011 through 2012 on Aliens Colonial Marines as Level Designer and test bed creator. My main function was to fill in the AI and pathing, as well as pickups for three total maps. I was also tasked with working closely with Programmers to create test levels for AI interaction and track down issues with them. My experience also goes back to early 1999 when I first began work with Unreal Editor and I have used every updated version to this point in time. I am eager to build levels, and enjoy it more then any other thing I have accomplished. If you want a self motivated team member, paid/unpaid just let me know. You can see my work at the following website.


Contact Me: DanaWilloughby@hotmail.com

Do you have experience creating levels that retain small file sizes? I may have need in the near future of levels created for some of my games but the goal is to put them on html5 server so the levels need to be small in file size.

Hey there need some help with ai. I have sent you a PM.

I sent a email to you mines the unpaid one.

Hey Dana, great seeing you on the forums again… Do yuo have any experience with UE4 that you can show?