Experienced Landscape Artist, 3d artist/Blueprint


My game is a third person native american character which i have been working on gameplay but not so much the landscape and needs relatable items created. And quick foliage created ( doesnt have to be master peace) can be 3 stars ( already have landscape material in the levek to use. Better to use ur owns if more fitted.

Meshes needed

Tents Shelter, campfire rug, hanging clothes, drums and other native american objects to set the scene.

I then need a mini map on screen to show where the interactive objects are. And also a constant updated objective system on the top left stating how much i have got left.

I then need a good sound attenuation music triggered in different areas

All the other interactivities are pretty much done.

I need this completed by friday. So please only email if you are skilled and available to complete it by this friday.

I am offering 100$ for this.

Only paying via paypal. Please only email if you have a working paypal account.

If you are interested email me at

Have you looked at some of the enviro packs on the Marketplace? There are some amazing foliage packs available, in addition to what Epic provides. From the sounds of it, what you have in mind may be a bit above your $100 budget. Cheers!