Experienced Game Developer Looking to get into Unreal


I’ve been out of the game industry for a good couple of years, and am looking to go all-in on Unreal to get back in.

I am highly experienced in C++, however, and have developed several game engines from scratch over the years, and a helped develop a couple of AAA titles (see attached resume for details).

I am looking to join a project to get my Unreal programming skills on track.

If you need some engineering muscle and can be a bit patient while I ramp up on Unreal, please contact me.

It does not have to be a paid position - my main priority is to get my skill set up. Of course, if you’re able to compensate, that would be a plus. But again, it’s not a make or break detail.

Please contact me here, via PM, or via

I look forward to hearing about your projects!

I sent an email :smiley:

Shot you a PM :slight_smile:

Check out my signature if you’re interested

PM sent, fingers crossed to get you on board :).

(i have sent message aswell on email in case you arent checking PMs here).

your work is very impressive if you intrested in joining a team add me in skype @perfectproduction we offer contract and a budget

We could definitely use someone with your wide variety of programming experience!

If you’re still looking for a project, send us an email: