Experienced developer new to dev kit, tutorial questions.

Merry meet everyone I am a seasoned developer who worked with Skyrim, Torchlight as well as created my own games. So overall I am not new just new to this dev kit. I have a project in mind but some of the things I would like to mod and can’t find tutorials on it either. So I’m looking for tutorial links or a response letting me know it can’t be done at this time.

For you to understand my needs I want to brake down a little what I’m doing with my project. My project is a haunted Island with 5-8 Bio Domes. Each Bio dome is based off a CreepyPasta location. So all these tutorials I need will be to achieve this main goal. First let me start the basics (While I can find tons of tutorials I’m looking for the most in depth ones I may have overlooked.)

Create a whole new Island
Create structures that are part of the map itself (Haunted Houses)
Create new resources and resource nodes (Soulstone drops essence.)
Editing the skins of Dino’s (use corruption as vase but make more ghostly)
—-More advanced stuff.

Editing and creating new exploration notes and similar files.
Use the human object file to make a “Dino” (Jeff the Killer bos)
Make Dinos have special behaviors (Rapters pounce but for an Alien from movie Ien)
Make crates or Boxes that are a permanent fixture but once you take out the items after X amount hours items reap an in it. Thinking that the loot crate code can be used possibly)

ill add add more as time goes on and I see what I need. Also if you want to contribute ideas or help with mod please look for my CreepyPasta Island project post.