Experienced Concept Artist / Illustrator [PAID]

Hello, everyone!

My name is Tim and i`m a freelance concept artist. I specialize in science fiction but am also willing to work in other genres. Can make weapon, character, vehicle, prop, storyboards and key frame concept art.

You can find some examples below and if you need any additional information, please let me know through PM or e-mai - (

More artwork here -


Free or Paid?

Royalty project in my signature.

Sorry, forgot to add a flair - paid jobs only.

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Available again start of next week.


I am starting to put together a team for a game called “Future Calling” - where an ordinary guy ends up going on an adventure through time and space. Action-RPG is the genre with real time weapon based combat - a mix of call of duty and fallout.

If you are interested in doing coneptual work and based on the amazing quality of your work, title graphics etc, please contact me @ - Thanks!

Available to work again.

Available to work.

Available for new project.

Available for freelance work again.