Experienced C++ Programmer


We are looking for an experienced C++ programmer to pick up modular features within our FPS title.
Please send through portfolios and resumes.

Must have:

  • good work ethic
  • good communication
  • able to take instruction from a lead programmer
  • an orderly approach to work, documentation and commits
  • experience with networking is essential
  • preferably experience with FPS, vehicles and physics
  • experience with PhysX is highly favourable

Contract will begin in late June and will last the length of the scope of work, but we prefer working consistently with the same people.

Many thanks,

Hey Iller,

Could you tell us something about the amount of hours per week assigned for this job offer?


Hi Cyborgking,

We’ve broken out several components of gameplay that we feel a contract programmer could own and deliver. Depending on the candidate, we’ll review how many days they feel is reasonable and work out a fair price before work takes place. Some of the larger components would run several months full-time.


Are you open to working with a team on this or only an individual? Cheers