Experienced C++ & Blueprint programmer

(July 2017 Update: I am not doing freelance jobs at the moment. Still, thank you very much for your interest!)

My name is Carsten and i’m a experienced C++ programmer, looking for some work.
I’m working as a freelancer programmer since ~Nov. 2015, overall using the Unreal Engine 4 since ~Feb 2015.
My programming experience is about 15 years overall, programming with c++ for about 7 years.
As I’m experienced in working as a team, I always ensure to deliver stable, clean, good commented and understandable code.
To ensure that, i have a good knowledge about source code management / SVN. (Personally I am using Git mainly.)
My main field is gameplay programming and creating the Substantial base code and structure for a game.
As i was working multiple years with finding exploits / bugs in MMO(RPG)s and programming bots (a software which is carrying out tasks and controlling the character automaticly based on game data informations) for them, i have a strong knowledge in game security against cheaters in multiplayer games.

Main skills:

  • Main field: Gameplay / overall programming
  • Multiplayer game security
  • blueprint scripting
  • VR programming

I am confident about other tasks too, just ask me what you need.

Please note i’m working on contract work only. Available rates are hourly, weekly or monthly (prefered).
Contact me for detailed rates. Range between 30 to 40$ hourly and 20$ to 30$ per hour monthly - including 19% taxes. (We can talk about the price).
Only serious offers - thank you!

I am located in Munich, Germany. so I am working remotely (online) only.
Would move for a serious long-term offer including work visa in the united states, though. :wink:

E-Mail: [EMAIL=“carstenzarbockCZ@gmail.com”]carstenzarbockCZ@gmail.com
Skype: [EMAIL=“zarbock@rebound-software.com”]zarbock@rebound-software.com
LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/carsten-zarbock-3b3b5a127
(I’m checking the unreal engine forums on a regular base, you can write me a personal message, too.)

My recent work: (click to enlarge the pictures):
(Note: All reference and latest posts in this thread somehow got cleared / deleted, contact me for more infos about recent / payed work) Half-Life: Beyond
I am currently lead programmer at Half-Life: Beyond.
My tasks there are to create a stable and substantial code base for the game, gameplay-, physics and A.I. programming.
Sadly i am not allowed to show any material right now, because of the NDA.

2ADeYsM.pngShort Action Hero (prototype)
Please note those are early prototype screenshots.
No (3D) team was involved and they’re heavy work in progress screenshots of different stages in early development.
Short Action Hero is a text adventure prototype.
The player controlling is based on pure text input (e.g.: “Walk into kitchen”; “Pickup Cup”; “Put cup in the coffeemachine”; …) handled by a parser and interpretor.


Real Time Strategy Game (prototype):
Please note those are prototype screenshots.
No (3D) team was involved and they’re heavy work in progress screenshots of different stages in early development.
The player is building a space station with procedural generated rooms based on “Tetris” tiles.
Working like “Dungeon Keeper” the player has to train his soldiers, resulting in different abilities like farming resources, defending the base, reparing sections of the base, and so on.


Thank you for reading, would love to hear from you!

Looking for small jobs right now. Nothing big - no revenue share.
C++ prefered, but BluePrint is no problem at all, too.

Please contact me with a quick PM.