Experienced C++/Blueprint Programmer and Tutor (VR, Networking, Weapons, etc)

My name is Reuben Ward, and i’m a Gameplay Programmer and am studying Computer Science, graduating this year.

I’m mostly known from my Unreal Engine Youtube channel, which you can find here
To date, my tutorials have helped over 600,000 people learn something about Unreal Engine!

I currently offer three services:

Custom Tutorials
You can choose any system you want made, and i’ll make it, record the whole thing, speak over it, and then edit it together.

These are great for people trying to learn as fast as possible, and I walk you through the full process explaining each step in detail.

A few examples of custom tutorials I’ve made:

  • Flight Sims
  • Character Creation Systems
  • Melee Combo Chain Systems
  • VR Guns
  • Many, many more

Tutoring via Skype

I can jump on a Skype call with you and help you to do anything from understanding the basics,to implementing more complicated functionality. We can also screen share so you’ll be able to see exactly what i’m doing along the way.


I’m also happy to work on any features or systems you might require for your game. Keep in mind that I am not interested in Royalty based work at this time.

You can contact me at [EMAIL=“”] - cost is per spec, so you’ll need to describe what you need in the email for an accurate price.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks for all the emails so far guys, note that I am also available for development, not just tutorials :slight_smile:

I did a few hours of tutoring with Reuben, and I can attest to his knowledge and general willingness to help. He seems like an all around great guy, and understands the importance of building a strong foundation. In just those few hours, we went over the basics of some of the components in C++, and afterwards I feel like I have a better grasp in UE4.

I’d recommend him without a doubt to anyone, he really knows his stuff and it shows. His rates are pretty good too! Check out his Youtube channel for a preview of his work, he’s very good with schedules, and finds anyway to make things workout to ensure that you get the best experience for what you’re paying for.
I can honestly say, it was worth every penny I spent. I’ll be using the services he offers again, that’s for sure!

Once again, thank you Reuben!

Thank you for the testimonial <3