Experienced Artist Needed for Gameplay Videos

Paid work. We want to add a artist experienced in UE4 to create a series of gameplay videos for us. We write a plan prior to each video and carefully document what needs to be shown and why. We’re looking for someone with a strong portfolio of videos they can show, demonstrating past performance, as well as skills in the editor setting up and arranging the footage, working with music and VO narration, etc. If interested, send me a PM with links to other videos you’ve produced. In addition to video, the right candidate will have the ability to select or stage excellent screengrabs, and produce great gifs for marketing purposes.

Anyone with a low IQ can do this…

Anyone can do it? Yes. perhaps. But only a few can do it really well.

Do you still need artist for this task? If yes, I can do it for you. Here all inforamation about me and my work.