Experienced Architecture/Database/Infrastructure/UMG programmer LFW

Hi there,

My name is Jonathan Mead. I am a skilled programmer with 18 years experience developing professional software. I have been using the Unreal engine for a little under 2 years, and my strongest skills lie in the less-glamorous parts of game development: architecture, database, infrastructure, and UMG. Most recently, I worked on the online game “Tuebor” in this capacity, building all that fun stuff for them.

I am currently looking for work. If you need:

  • professional database construction and access
  • custom server components outside the game engine
  • service integration (including Steam)
  • UMG code (including complex, asynchronous operations)
  • TCP/HTTP communications
  • solution architecture (as in, how do all the pieces fit together to make a multiplayer online game?)

Then I am the person for you!

Please direct inquiries to [EMAIL=“”] My resume is available upon request, and I have Skype and Discord accounts for communication once we start working together.