Experienced Animator/Programmer | Ovation | VR | Realistic Human Audiences

We’re looking to contract a highly experienced, multi-talented animator/programmer to help us take our virtual audience members to the next level through improved realism and interactivity. The ideal candidate has **advanced **knowledge of UE4’s animation system, C++, BPs, VR, and is comfortable with modeling/rigging/animating human characters.

Success with this contract will likely carry over to additional contracts and possibly a full-time position.

Public speaking skills are essential to professional development, but gaining real-world experience in front of an audience is intimidating to beginners and infrequent for everyone. Ovation eliminates these and many other traditional obstacles by harnessing the power of virtual reality. Put on a headset, pick from a variety of venues and arrangements, load your notes and slides, and deliver your speech to a virtual audience that is as real as it gets. Then get detailed feedback on how you did and where to improve. The more you practice with Ovation, the more your confidence will grow.

Ovation is being used in K12 schools, universities, and corporate learning & development departments all over the world.

Company Info & Program Description (PDF)
Marketing Video (YouTube)
Road to VR Article
The New Yorker Article
HTC Vive Pro Eye Case Study

Please send your recent work and why you think you’re what we’re looking for to We will do our best to respond to all submissions.

Hey @jeffym85 sent over an email and it’d be great to chat more about how we can help. Cheers!