Experienced 3D Modeler ready to help you. Cheap Prices.

Hello All, I am a freelance 3d Modeler looking to sell my services. I mostly deal in, and am most comfortable with, hard surface modeling. I am not a character modeler. I probably couldn’t sculpt a face to save my life. I have, at this point, 7 years experience with hard surface modeling.

My fees would be:

$5 for simpler models (Crates, Furniture, etc)

$30-$50 for more complex models (Vehicles, Buildings, etc)

I could even model full scenes for you, but the price on that would depend on how complex the scene.

You can contact me with what you need done and after we discuss details, I will make the models and send you screenshots. If you like what you see we can use Venmo or Paypal to seal the deal.

I look forward to helping you with your 3d Modeling needs.

Hello man i’m interested to talk with you .

Discord : devu4nor#1256

Email :

hi, could do with a portfolio link?

Hey sorry for the late reply I’ve been moving recently and had to sell my main computer, I’m currently borrowing my friends old Alienware laptop until I can build a new one. In regards to a portfolio I actually never even thought about creating one until after I posted this …. post. but some recent models I have made I think I have taken some screenshots of, if I can find my external harddrive I can upload the shots I have

Good news, I found my external hard drive. Bad news, I apparently didn’t save my screenshots like I thought I had. but I wouldn’t be a big deal if you wanted me to whip something up and send you example photos

Hello friend I would like to CONTACT YOU HAVE DISCORD OR SKYPE