Experienced 3D artist Looking for work

Hey there,

Short version…
I need money :slight_smile:

Long version…
I am an artist who worked in the AAA games industry for over 8 years, reasons that will stun anyone have resulted in me not having a 3d portfolio right now to show what I can do.
What I want to offer is myself to you, for a very low price so I can rebuild a portfolio, and make you happy!

My only demands are to get half paid up front, and that I get a minimum of $50 for an asset made (I will ask more if the asset is too complex)
And of course that I can show the asset in my portfolio, you will receive all other right to do with as you please.
What I can offer you in return is a fully game-ready asset for the ue4 engine, and that I will stick around until you are happy with the result.

What follows now are a bunch of old images of assets I made once upon a time that I found lost on the internet here and there.

Hi. Can you make outdoor environments, such as terrains or foilage? Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hey Phantom530m
Thanks for the reply, and no problem, I will do anything you want :smiley:

Do you have a Skype so we can communicate in real time?

I do, I send you a pm

added some more lost works…

Thanks. Added you on skype :smiley:

Can you also send me your skype?
Want to get some price evaluations.

Adeptus, Pm send

Hey got a couple questions. Hit me up when you get a moment