Experience77 [Test]

Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure.

Ideas that I would like to add into my project:

No promisses though, I am not a programmer or 3D specialist who have an unlimited knowledge in them, but I’ll try, at least.

[UPD] 12.03.2015
Working on Satellite model for Location. It’s made for gathering info about Deep space and Exoplanets.

Would like to hear some honest feedback.

Pretty cool, I love that gas giant in the background.
The space satellite is okay, but i think it needs some more detail but that is just me.

AHH, I can’t view the pictures on my work computer. Just bumping the thread and subscribing for later. Can wait to check it out.

[UPD] 13.03.2015.
Satellite’s getting more details.


I’m not a fan of Super high poly models because I dunno how to fix topology on models and stuff.

[UPD3] 13.03.2015.

Added a bit more details.

[UPD4] 18.03.2015
Clouds for my Ice world. (Landscape and other stuff are not ready, yet)

Would like to see some feedback, tips & tricks for Clouds.

[UPD5] 23.03.2015.
Changed stars position, different Planet’s position, more dark spots, starfield.

Need some help with adding Objectives, tried to search in Google got no results.