[Experience/Connecting] Looking for like minded people to connect and build a Zombie game together!

Hey every one, I’m new here and have been loving UE4. Currently I am putting together a small Zombie mini game for my channel trailer on youtube and want it to become more. I am here looking for beginners and noobs at UE4 to connect, learn and share experiences with. Theirs no pay or expectations other then the will to learn and drive to self motivate, only thing I do ask is connect together at least twice a week to share, build and learn together as a team. My goal for this project will beginners a chance to connect with other like minded people who wish to improve there skills and feel their part of a team without being a pro. Being new to Unreal I have managed to learn a lot over the last few days and put together something im very proud of as having no experience. So if you have to watch tutorials, read, and find your way around just to figure out how to import a basic item then this might be for you. I managed to also make a very basic truck (ugly as heck) in lender while learning in an hour 88be49f61d60060f4afd203cd64a3ca1af7ee90b.jpeg And with in a day in a half had this done as my current project So if this is what you are going through then lets create a team together and learn as one.

Look forward to moving ahead and hear from you all. Take care and have a great day!

To get in contact with me personally [EMAIL=“”]
To check out my channel

That sounds cool

I’m learning C++ relatively quickly, and would love to here from other people having new learning experiences, you can either contact me on here or:
Email: (yes I made this email when I was 10 lol)
please note, I don’t check email often as my phone was destroyed, so Skype is a surefire way to reach me

hey hey

I am interested too.
pretty new to ue but Managed to build a decebt horror fps shooter with Marketplace content yet. I’d like to join for fun an more experience.
If you are still looking for people, just let me know

I am actually a programmer but open to learn other things as well

all the best

Hey, I’m also interested. I’m currently working on another project, and I would love to have more experience. I’m focused on level design, with blueprints being my other, not so good, skill. You can contact me here

Hey guys! I also recently started to learn UE4 and became totally addicted to it! Count me in! Onimike contact me about that project of yours, would be glad to join others!

Hi all, glad to see people are interested sorry been busy with project, please add me on epic launcher under onimike and we can collab there for now :slight_smile:

Hi onimike, do you have source control setup? If so what Provider: Perforce, SVN, GitHub? I personally use Perforce.

Hi onimike! you see i’m new to EU4 but can you also add me in? :smiley: i’m currently learning the level design :slight_smile: still newbie tho :smiley:
you can contact me here:

I do not have source control set up yet but can get right on it. I would also use perforce, if you feel like it add my on launcher.

Hi onimike,

I’m interested in seeing where you go with this. I understand there are no expectations, however, what are the design goals and features your trying to integrate into this game. Would like to participate, if the game is offering some uniqueness to the genre.

My UE4 training project was a Zombie Survival Open World with some unique Monsters and features. I aborted that project once I felt comfortable with Blueprints to work on my dream game. Simply too many Zombie Survival Open Games popping up. However, I still fantasize about making a Zombie game one day. Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty are the inspiration for my Zombie Game, thus I was aiming for a Military Squad vs Zombie Hordes on a larger world map. I’ve never played Day Z or the like.

There is a 3 threads of the same topic as this one on forum already, they started good but now frozen. Anyways, whoever wants to learn together feel free to skype me: pavlik-245.

Hello Tech, sorry its been awhile just really trying to get everything situated and had a speed bump I had to fix. I have tried Skype and only one maybe 2 people actually talk on there or have their own projects so I am starting a group chat for people who would actually want to join and really give the project a sincere effort. As far as features go sky’s the limit, if we can get it done and implemented in I see no reason not to add stuff we want to in just no BFG’s, big bulky weapons, giant enemies nothing like that(its all been done to death). I have a few features in game to implement in leveling system, this would give new powers, more health, stamina, etc. Their more ideas I have just really want a group and need a group just some things I’m having troubles with. Here is main site for game currently and getting the group chat up here and running, if anyone is still interested please pm your email and I will send you group invite. Also I have Github running and source connected know just trying to get game on there to be used by every one, any help with that would be awesome. Thanks again hope to hear from you all.


Understood. No problem. Go → here!

I Messaged You On Skype.