Experience C++ programmer ( custom import ) - small job

Project Title:
In editor plugin, that could load FBX scene and render images from it.

I want to use Unreal as an rendering app, which could load FBX scene (let’s say some interior) and render images from it. It’s a research project, so it could be done in some hacky way, but it’s important, that I will be able to understand it and tweak it if I will need to.
From start I need two commands which could be executed in console:

  1. load FBX scene with camera path
  2. render the images from the camera trajectory to some folder

In the end I want to programmatically load many scenes and render the images from them.

I will also need you to clarify me some parts of the code, which I will not understand. I wanted to make it myself, but because I’m not much experienced with Unreal API, I was a bit disoriented and so I decided to pay someone who could help me. Also please let me know, how much you think it will cost.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer