Experience bar

I have progress bar which in I want to set percent to PlayerXP and max percent to XptoLvlup variables.
Since prgress bar goes to 1, how to set it’s max percent to number of xp you need to level up ?

Current/Max to get CurrentPercentage.

Not very helpful… Can you describe it little bit more ?

Hi Bennohd,

The node you are looking for is called “Normalize to Range”. What you can do is plug in a min and max value along with the value of the variable you are looking to check and it will print the value as a 0-1 scale. Here is the node in question:


Plug your xptolvlup in the range max, whatever your min value into the range min, and then the value should be PlayerXP, this should allow you to check your player xp and reference it accordingly.

Or, you could simply divide CurrentXP by MaxXP to get a value between 0.0 and 1.0.

and now im confused about this normalize to range

I’ve put together a small example on what normalize to range does if you would like to give it a try on your end, I hope this clarifies what normalize is used for.


Yea, I got it … :smiley: I did screw up by putting integer instead float, that’s why it didn’t work… Anyway, thank you all !