Expected Hair Simulation Performance


I understand it’s still in beta, but realistically how expensive do you guys at Epic expect the new hair simulation feature’s performance to be on next gen (PS5) generation consoles and equivalent PCs? For the sake of simplicity, lets say a game like Uncharted 4 with all characters using the new hair sim feature running on a PS5 at 30fps.

Is that a reasonable expectation, at least at 1080p? I ask because with this new feature, I now need to make a decision for my characters about whether to use hair cards or alembic hair grooms. Obviously I would prefer alembic going forward as that’s the future, but if it’s still too soon realistically for the tech, then that rules it out. Otherwise, I don’t want to play it too safe and allocate studio resources to hair cards when I could have used the hair sim instead.

Could someone at Epic please share their thoughts on this.