Expected *.h to be first header included

Hi guys… was this changed on 4.18? i remember the Module header being required as the first include of every .cpp, but on 4.18 is expecting the file header first

Just checking out

this is really weird…
when buiilding for ROCKET i get that error… but when building from source (on Visual Studio)

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error All source files in module “PaperZD” must include the same precompiled header first. Currently “C:\Users\DarkK\Documents\Unreal Projects\PaperZD\ZD_418\Plugins\PaperZD\Source\PaperZD\Public\PaperZD.h” is included by most of the source files. The following source files are not including “C:\Users\DarkK\Documents\Unreal Projects\PaperZD\ZD_418\Plugins\PaperZD\Source\PaperZD\Public\PaperZD.h” as their first include: ZD_418 C:\Users\DarkK\Documents\Unreal Projects\PaperZD\ZD_418\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\EXEC 1

I get that…

so what do i do? can’t do one if it breaks the othher