EXPARIA - The Journey ( UE4 static Cinematic scene )

Hi guys! I am starting this thread to update my WIP and rant about the progress of working on this project of mine:
The Journey - Rebooting my abandoned project for Artist Station The Journey Contest :smiley: !
The entire project will be put together, ldev and rendered in UE4 . and my ultimate ambition is will be a short animation loop of the scene.
If you are interested or have any questions/comments, just post it :wink: ! you are more than welcomed !

Here are recap of what I have so far in the past :
see posts below ! ]
< EDIT: since it’s the first time I am posting here , seem like I need mod’s approval before some of my first posts valid online so It might take a while to populate this thread with updates :slight_smile: >

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@xraygunner: haha I ve been waiting for mod to approve my thread before I can post anything else :smiley: , so here we go.

Mood boards

After a few days of searching for references of mood&tone, designs and compositing, I have put together a few moodboards of what I like best for the theme .
A kind of “get ready” moment for a hero character who 's about to deploy/ take first step into a unknown world . Surround is a fleet/team of supporter/ other teams. I got a better back story for this in my head but I will tell more about it in next updates smiley

disclamer : Just in case, All artworks below are for references only, they are no way my works or wip whatsoever lol.

Character pose/compositing/mood references: Hero character is the main object at foreground, may be he/she is standing in a dock area of a space ship or shuttle . background is vast surround world( the unknown ) and other teams.


Character design references :
Kind of "space walker " but not so much of heavy coverage style. I want the human inside the suit are more vulnerable/ exposed to danger. which bring out the feeling of danger, uncertainty and anxious.

references for the vast unknown world awaiting to be explored. I really like the spiral composition in the first 3 references, make it feel like the scene has a center point, some sort of entrance/ gate . The other 3 references is for POV & feel.

That’s it , first update ! wink
Next one will be some sketches and concepts !

Rough Sketch & early composition
Just done one of the hardest & the most enjoyable part , initial draft sketch , just to show some basic designs and compositing I am going for. Will start working on some separated concept of each individual elements and moving on to 3D after this.
I might make change to the camera angle, compositing and some designs elements later on in 3D stages.

Kamikaze Mech Suit Color Options

done a bit of color variation for the mech suits. I named the suit " Kamikaze" as this suit is specialized built for the one that will be the scout to enter the unknown area.
I dont design the suit to have much weapons attached to it as these suit are more for scouting than engaging/ invasive tasks. So I design the suit to have functions that is more toward the “survival” and long-distance traveling/exploring purposes instead.
I come up with 4 color variations so far :smiley: , really enjoy picking color combinations and finding refs.
I like the number 1 Asuka color , it really pop out but seem like it 's too sporty, number 2 is over done by many artists already but still cool, number 3 is some what war-like machine but I think it 's badass. I most likely will go for number 4 - The Martian color style as it have more feeling of explorer / scientist to it, just not sure if it gonna stand out from the background.
Anyways :slight_smile: would love to hear some input if any !

I like the Egyptian/Martian theme; kinda reminds me of Haze

@nolea94: Thank you :wink: ! it’s a good suggestion that I am thinking about

finished the concept for the Mech explorer suit :slight_smile: .I will try to finish all 2D tasks/concepts within this week. cant wait to model him in 3D .
So to sum up I need :

  • Main pilot concept
  • the hangar.
  • the carrier ships ( those far away aircrafts flying in background )
  • and the coordination girl wink .


It is definitely an interesting route of taking a space based game like this. Brings back good memories of Star Gate, in the setting sort of way. You are welcome. It takes a lot to work make something and a lot more of something else to put it here, in my opinion. Cheers!

Update 006 - Kamikaze Mech Suit Base Sculpt

Base sculpt of the Kamikaze Mech Suit, next will be proper hard surface modeling of the guy .