Expanding project. “Buried” like minded folk

Hey everyone, new to the forums here but I figured this would be a good place to get started with what I’d like to accomplish.

For the last month or so I’ve been sinking tons of time and (too much) money into this project I’ve been working on, as it’s starting to take shape the idea is evolving into something I think could be really fun both from a gameplay perspective as well as a development perspective.

ideally I’d like to find a couple of people who would like to join me in the learning adventure it’s become, as well as some who are maybe a little more savvy than myself to help the project improve further. I have (in my opinion of course) what I feel are some cool/unique ideas to bring to the game, a few of which I lack the knowledge to bring to life effectively.

TLDR looking for some friendly people to join me in developing this concept game. Who knows, could go far? Shoot me a message here or email me at