Expanding chat functionality-- is it possible?

I’m looking to expand the chat functionality, but it looks like ARK hides all its code. In short, I want proximity chat enabled but also have a server-wide chat (global). Alternatively, allow people to whisper eachother on the server, or alternative to the alternative, allow players to be multiple in tribes and choose which tribe chat to talk in.

Has anyone experimented with this at all?

I’m pretty sure you are correct when you said this is hidden. I’ve yet to see any viable forms of modifying it like this be possible, but then again I haven’t really truly dug around in the ADK long enough to know for sure as this is not something I’ve been interested in really modding too much. I’d suggest putting in a request for these things to be made accessible to us (there’s a suggestion thread, add it on there!).

I for one would like to see more expanding on the chat system.

PS: I’m assuming they probably did it in C++ and/or its just not something exposed to us yet.