Expanding a landscape

How do you expand a landscape without stretching the terrain. I tried doing this by scaling, but everything just ended up getting stretched like I said, and I’m wondering if there is some other way I could do it.

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is your question like this?qwerty.png

how about adding more components in manage landscaping tool while you adjust your terrain scale making more bigger?

I wish this answer could be useful to you…

Landscape tab -> Landscape Editor -> Add


Thanks, I tried that out it seems like it adds more sections on top of the currently existing landscape, and I don’t see a way for me to actually increase the area of the landscape that way. So I realized that I could just add an new landscape that equals in size to my current one, but don’t I have to seam the two landscapes together or something to make them one?

Are you talking about adding extra width/height to an existing terrain, Like adding to a canvas in a image app?
If so: I unfortunetly have not seen an option to do this, But I would like to know if you find a solution/workaround.

Yes, I tried adding a new landscape, but all that does is just sits a new landscape right next to the existing one they aren’t actually one. Although, I did try scaling, but any preexisting height information gets flattened, and if you set the z value to equal the X and Y, then it is no different than not scaling them at all. The only work around I found around this was by copying the entire landscape before, scaling the landscape, and then pasting, but I can’t seem to be able to copy the landscape properly. so some of these workarounds are a bit hit or miss. The only other issue I have is figuring out how to expand the scale of the of the UE4 skybox that came with the starter content as there is no way I can tell to alter the scale values.

I tried that it just stretches the terrain.

Has anyone found a way to do this? I have the same issue as sonic where I need more space to accommodate the terrain but can’t seem to make it seamlessly one terrain.

That can be done using World Composition. Each landscape will have to be in it’s own sublevel, but they count as the same landscape and can be edited at the same time. Andrew Hurley talked about it on a Live Training stream earlier this year. Here’s a timestamp to the part of the stream where he talks about it, but I’d watch the whole thing if you’re interested in World Composition. Getting Started with World Composition | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

If you don’t want them to be in separate levels, then the only other way I know would be to add components like ZomboJoe said by going to the Landscape tab > Manage > Landscape Editor > and choose Add from the dropdown. However, adding too many components to a single landscape could be bad for performance.

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Landscape are a very special case asset inside UE. It requires that you understand its limitations and all the features before planning your scene/game. I have done several landscapes in external tools generating heightmap to import inside UE. The tools which can generate the tiles for world composition are a must at your arsenal of tools. Up to now, I would suggest every user to understand and use world composition regardless of the scene size, because as you make the data outside UE, you can easily change and import back without much trouble, second because the increased resolution you can have for each tile will avoid/greately reduce geometry artifacts with dynamic shadowing.

I would go for the stream mentioned above and any other stream you can find at Youtube about this.

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