Exp + Stat System for RPG and similar games (Help)

Hello guys,

I’m new to Unreal 4 and I’ve been learning blue prints. Switching from Unity I’ve learned a few things and I would like to put together an Exp system that increases stats when the character levels up. I need help making sure this is correct, but first let me explain what I’ve done (sorry this is a different computer from the one I use to develop.

I started by creating various Integers that I would need:

  • CurrentLVL
  • Stat up
  • MaxHP
  • HP
  • MaxMP
  • MP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • MATK
  • MDEF
  • AGI
  • DEX
  • LUK
  • EXP
  • LVL (1-100) EXP *Basically 100 of this one which serves the purpose of exp needed to reach that level.

EXP System

  • First I check to see if EXP is greater than or equal to LVL2EXP.
  • Then It sets a Boolean that Executes a set CurrentLVL to 2

This would continue on till level 100

Stat System

  • For level 1 I set the initial values for all of the stats including EXP to 0.
  • Then for each level I get CurentLVL and find if it’s equal to 2 (through 100) *this determines what the current level is.
  • From their I set a Boolean named Raise Stats which executes and sets the integer Statup to 10.

Below that (They are not connected)

I get Statup and every stat then add stat up to the stats (increasing everything by 10 each level).

My question is… Is this the right path, am I missing something. Doing this for all 100 levels will be a lot of work so I want to make sure this would work.

In order to make this entire thing work from the very beginning, is there something I need to start with such as executing this from game start or something?
Do I execute the level one stats which sets the default values from game start?
When finally working on a save system, Do I save the values of Current Level and all the Integers I’ve created?

I’ve been looking for tutorials on this and I’ve found none, so if you know of any tutorials that cover this, please send me the link!


Hey Liondog,

First off welcome to Unreal 4, I hope you enjoy your stay.

In regard to the experience system, I wrote up a tutorial for an older version of UE4 but you may be able to apply some of the information from that system to what you are working on now. Here is the tutorial: Experience System with working HUD - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I haven’t touched stat systems yet but I bet someone else can chime in on a good solution for that.


Thanks! Did you ever figure out how to get save all the information when changing locations?

To be honest, I moved away from that to working on a super flexible inventory system that I plan to release here eventually. I know there are other forum posts on saving game information though.

Quick Question. What is connected to the Exec of the Get Player Experience (HUD). In every picture I see it is connected to something off screen. I have that portion of the nodes in the Event Graph along with the Event Receive Draw HUD. For some reason I don’t see the HUD at all and I have followed all the steps in the tutorial.