Exome Data Visualization


As an Intern in Medical Genetics and casual user of the Unreal Engine for Game development, I would like to know if there was a way to use the Engine for csv/xml datas visualization. I am not talking about one csv file for a project table data, but more like a function that can allow to chose in real-time (“in-game”) the csv file that we want to get data from, in order to get a visualization on certain genes, according to a score we created (via interrogation of the pubmed database or other databases). All this in the purpose of real-time and graphicly pleasant data-mining and research from the datas we get by exome sequencing (csv files).

I played a bit in the Unreal Engine to get to this but it seems impossible with the knowledge i have at least… I guess this is kind of possible since i saw the Big-DataVR challenge won by genomics teams…

I thank you in advance, congratulations for this remarquable Engine and the community that comes with it.

Best regards

Wallid Deb

Hi! Did you ever get an anwser? If not, this seems handy. (I was looking for similar and happened across this thread)