Exiting pause menu locks out ALL controls.

In my and my partner’s game we’ve created a simple pause menu which lets the player access the options of the game. However, once exiting back out of the options menu and back into the game, the game just locks out all controls of the player.
Would anyone know why this is happening? Here’s the blueprint setup for the pause menu we have.

As you pause your game your player controller is paused as well and can’t receive any input. Go into the blueprint default and switch on TickWhenPaused.

Thanks a lot for the reply, didn’t expect one so quickly. But I have to ask (due to my newbie knowledge to UE4), what do you mean by ‘blueprint default’? I’m assuming you’re referring to the ‘Event Tick’ Node at the start of every blueprint?

Your trouble comes from that you" set input mode ui only" when you open your menu which locks keyboard. You need to “set input mode game” when you come back to game.(button resume if i don’t mistake)

Try what Fen recommended first. If you still need to un-pause your controller, Bleuprint Defaults is one of the tabs at the top of blueprint editor.

I appreciate all of these replies, but what Fen recommended hasn’t worked.

The Class default (blueprint default) has different settings to what we expected. We seem to not be able to find the ‘Un-pause your controller’ or at least we are unsure of where to find it.

I did this try to check with pause and it works fine :

Check what is different in your setting.