exiting a Volume within Volume and getting that detection

I have a large volume (volume_a) and a smaller volume in that (volume_b)

when i enter volume_a i get the overlap event, and the same when I event volume_b.
however, when i exit volume_b back into volume_a it doesnt seem to register that i’ve re-entered volume_a

is there a setting within unreals volumes for this kind of behaviour? or will i have to implement it myself?

Cheers guys!

You’re not leaving volume A when entering volume B, that’s why corresponding even isn’t triggering.

If you need to check if you’re in a volume A when leaving volume B, just make a boolean variable.

or use a gate, if you want to fire enter a event, you can also fire a custom event when you leave B, which checks if you are still in volumn A and then connected to enter volumn A’s execution line.