Exiting a 'Time Zone' volume to end and restart an event

Hello guys,

I’ve sort of exhausted my brain in ways around this so I could use some help!

I’m implementing a mini time trial and the aim is to ‘fail’ the player if they leave the volume. It sounds so simple but I just can’t get it to work!

So far I’ve implemented a trigger volume and told it when ‘end overlap’ it stops the timer (just print string for now) but it just does it randomly sometimes. There are other triggers within the trigger, this shouldn’t affect it right?

I’ve tried adding it as a variable so it sets that the player is in the blueprint so they can enable the mini game and again on ‘end overlap’ it would end the mini game.

Any thoughts or pointers?

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:

I am not sure of your issue but if it is overlap in the trigger i would try first to set triggers around the zone with a stop timer on “begin overlap” for each outside trigger. Other solution could be to check on tick to be sure of actual location but it would consumes more ressources.

Yes that is one option, the only problem with that is its a large map and the player could miss entering a ‘kill zone trigger’.