exit construction when mesh variable is empty

I am trying to initialize a struct that holds data of an array of static meshes, such as mesh size, material slot name, the material itself, etc. However, if any of the staic meshes in the array variable is empty, I want the blueprint not to continue.
So far, i have a macro that handles if all static meshes are not empty, and if true, it goes to a functions that initializes all the data. This works okay, but i feel like it can be done in one function or macro, simular to the “Cast to” node, where it returns a pass or fail execution pin and the new returning struct if it initializes correctly. Is this possible, or should i just keep the blueprint theway it is set up now

If the static meshes are in an array you can just loop through it and do a isValid test on the iterated mesh. If an element fails break the loop.

Thank you so much. Is there a way I can rate your answer? if so, i would love to give you a 5 out of 5 stars!