Exit completely out of Android app

Hi guys,

I am struggling to find the right info for my problem.

I have an interactive visualisation app which works perfectly on PC an android. The only issue is that when I quit the app on android it exits but doesn’t completely close down the app (it’s still active in the background). This would be find but after extensive testing on various android devices, it is still using a decent amount of power and memory, regardless of which Android device it is on.

All I want to be able to do is completely exit the app and not just close it to a background process, is this possible.

To exit the app I am using the Quit Game BP node, I have also tried using the Console command node issuing an EXIT command but the result is the same.

Many thanks for any help with this guys, I am pulling my hair out. We have optimised the application but the bare truth is that it is a photoreal visualisation application so does use a half decent amount of resources to keep the quality up there, so I really need to be able to completely close it out when it is finished being used.