Existing Project Looking for More

Hey all,

I’ve presently got a prototype for a game that I’m looking to polish even further and try for funding. That said, I’m not in a position to pay for any work done on this project, however, if it has any sort of success anyone who contributed will most certainly have paid work moving forward (and likely a solidified spot on the team). The plan is to keep a fairly small team for this project, so if it does indeed receive funding I’d prefer that those who helped out with it had a solid paid position moving forward.

Currently finished:

  • Weapon Prototypes
  • Class Prototypes
  • Special Ability Prototypes
  • General Concept / Gameplay

Currently needed:

  • Weapon Visuals
  • Character Meshes (they all share a mesh right now)
  • Special Ability Visuals
  • More Refined Animations


  1. Polish Prototype
  2. Seek Crowdfunding
  3. Steam Greenlight
  4. If/when funding is obtained, go heads-down on development (but this time paid) to drive it beyond “prototype” and into a legitimate, stable game

As it stands, I’ve got a build ready for anyone who is curious and would like to learn more, but here is the general information about the game:

It is a fast paced multiplayer FPS. It offers fun for all (not too harsh of a learning curve or gap between pros and newbs), including casuals, but also offers the competitive gameplay spikes crave. The visuals aim for a bright, exaggerated vibe with popping colors and over the top effects (the materials are not hand painted and the meshes are not low-poly). Nothing about the game aims to be realistic, but rather aims entirely for balance. The classes all have their own unique interactions, with five presently implemented and more planned if funding is received. There are no vehicles, but there will be mounted guns and destructible defensive structures of sorts. Everything in the game revolves around explosives. You shoot explosives, you throw explosives, etc.

Matches will consist of a custom amount of players (defined by whomever runs the server), but DM/TDM will be optimized for up to 32 players and the flagship mode will be optimized for 10-16 players. It is planned to allow for dedicated servers and throw a lot of support to admins so they can run their communities how they want to. I’m a firm believer in “happy admins, happy players”.

If you’d like to help out on the project (or would like to get your hands on the present build before you decide), please contact me via PM here on the UE Forums.