Existence identity crisis of real life

It might be off-topic thread topic discussion, but don’t you guys have sometimes mentally suffering from existencional crisis sometimes just like King Sisyphus, Prometheus did in Ancient Greece? Did you read Jean Baudrillard’s novel book Simulacra and Simulation? Is real life also part of some simulation(just like in Matrix trilogy made by Wachowski’s siblings) that might be not real, but part of human imagination,ilussion? Are our suffering every day something eternal, infinite journey just like endless stairs in Super Mario 64 or Quantic Gravity Research video named Hacking Reality. In Rick and Morty deutagonist became nihilist thanks to his grandpa. Are John Titor and Andrew Basiago real time travellers or is it just imagination of people like me? Why life and our achievements are so extremely complicated(caused probably by some unknown presence of some unknown mysterious forces of good and evil-morality)? Who is right about theories (myths) of after life (such as paranormal activity for instance Ghostbusters series) that some people believe atheists,christians,politetheists,monotheists(religions)? So sorry if you will interpret my words as ■■■■ posting, trolling,spamming,bullshiting…etc. Are our life mistakes irreversible? Do we have to accept our mistakes just like in Omikron the Nomad Soul? Would it be serious life mistake if we could be able to time travel for those with God complex? Do we really have to Live and Learn,Let It Go,Live and Let Die just like government (elites,secret government organization, conspiracy theories, celebrities, wealthy rich bankers stuff related to Cyberpunk science-fiction popcultural phenomenons(when some technocrats meet some paranoid homeless people) such as Deus Ex series,X-Files,Matrix,They Live,1984, Equilibrium,Brave New World (1980),Lucy,Ben 10 Alien Force,…etc.) want us to think? In The Beatles song Strawberry Fields there are words such as “Strawberry Fields Nothing Is Real”-is this how stoners see reality during smoking ■■■■■■■■■? In Gravity Falls Bill Cipher said “Remember! Reality is Ilussion, Universe is Hologram,Buy Gold,Bye” to Gideon. Is real life video game just like Death Stranding? There will be Matrix 4. Albert Camus Myth of Sisphous that his punishment and after life struggling were pointless just like achieving anything in post-mortem reality as irreversible acceptance of unforseen consequences. Real life is too tough,too complicated it’s easy to just give up. It would be easier to find Delorean from Back to the Future series or constructing real portal gun from Rick and Morty.

I read first sentences, and I do feel what you may feel (or not). However please format that wall of text, I got lost around “super mario 64”. I had similar streams of thoughts when drunk or stoned. So please format it all while you still remember what you mean. I gladly read it if that is not painful.

It seems in future police officers will enjoy being cyborgs(for instance Robocop,Inspector Gadget),but RFID biochips Cyberpunk era it’s such absurd(Covid-19/Coronavirus lockdown makes no sense like in Albert Camus book Sisyphous Myth)New World Order is coming New Big Brother(Artificial Intelligence within corporations)people will enjoy plastic food just like Loius Defunes before Magdalena Gessler and Gordon Ramsey came out,humans will probably turn into A.I. just like in Transcendence,System Shock(usually to create some unknown mutant human hybrids-not likely SCP,DC Comics Metahumans,Marvel X-Men) in Deus Ex 1 it was easy to kill cybernetic people like Walton Simons,Bob Page,Gunther Hermann,Anne Navarre,J.C.Denton,Paul Denton.Astral Old Big Brother(creator of planet Earth and entire universe-he’s expecting that humans will be talking all the time he is probably not satisfied of communist manifestos ideologies of marxism)(that one from George Orwell’s 1984 book novel) creator of Old World Order(I guess he hates(he wants to be sure that people enjoys knowing if someone is aware of conspiracy theories(GMO,Chemtrails,HAARP,Climate changes(dying Earth),RFID biochips,vaccines(Jim Carrey believed they are causing autism),secret world organizations of hidden government(corporate elites just like Pinky and The Brain memes,Deus Ex series,Blade Runner series,Omikron the Nomad Soul,Futurama,Matrix,Animatrix,Sonic Satam),myths,urban legends). Some people are thinking Covid-19 outbreak is fake and corporations are want to enslave us,but I guess we always have a choice. Some people are asking themselves why monarchy collapsed what reasons overthrown it,what caused downfall after World War 1. For russian claivoiyants those who will take RFID biochips will be rejected by God(Judgement Day-Astral lawsuit just different dimension in life after death-we all gonna die(if we like it or not,believe it or not) sooner or later just like in Rick and Morty Adult Swim memes I guess).Anyway how can I convert text to make it more readable? What is the meaning of life anyway? Anyway is Legend higher rang that Elite?

Entropy of this topic exceeds levels of OFF-topic.

Personally I never felt that