Eximius ( FPS / RTS Hybrid ) - Greenlight Launched

Hello everyone. Eximius ( formerly known as Project Combine ) has just launched into Greenlight.
It’s an FPS/RTS built on UE4.


Check us out , the video , the screenshots and the ideas. If you like us , vote for us on greenlight.

Description of Game

Eximius ( formerly known as Project Combine ) is an FPS/RTS hybrid that focuses on squad-based combat.
The game features an intense 5v5 multiplayer experience with one player on each team leading as a commander.

Choose to play as RTS commander; building bases , train infantry squads and assigning them to players. Manage army/tech/resource, position your army , all while constantly supporting your allied ground players. Command vehicles, air support and acquire powerful abilities to change the dynamics of the battlefield.

Lead an AI Squad as FPS master tactician; deliver your team’s brand of firepower to the front line firsthand. Keep your squad alive , capture territories . Experience highly reactive AI that fights for you and with you.

Major highlight features :

  • Base buildings ( RTS gameplay ).
  • Equip suits with powerful abilities.
  • Assignable / Commandable AI squads. Assign trained infantry to FPS Ground players.
  • Highly reactive AI that takes cover and fight with tactical capabilities.
  • Command high level strategy , choose tech-tree that affects weapons , vehicles , and abilities.

Experience highly dynamic symbiotic gameplay between Commander and Ground players. Capture and secure territories to provide your team with valuable resources. Make high & low level strategic decisions that changes the flow of the battlefield.

Yes voted it. Looks good.

voted for it…like the idea of rts/fps blend…nice work

thanks for the positive feedback.


hi, nice project!
how have you solved the vehicle avoidance? do you use detour-crowd for it or a custom system? thanks.

Hi @sivan our infantry avoids vehicle that’s about to collide them using a custom system ( )
…, our vehicle do not avoid infantry. Vehicle would just ram into infantry , taking damage and tossing them away.